Test para conocer cual es tu nivel de inglés

Prueba de Nivel

Somos una academia de inglés en la ciudad de Valencia (España)

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

1. Can this camera .... good photos?

A) make
B) to make
C) take
D) to take

2. Who was the first person .... today?

A) spoke to you
B) you spoke to
C) you spoke
D) whom you spoke

3. I can’t find the book ....

A) nowhere
B) everywhere
C) anywhere
D) somewhere

4. There was a house at ....

A) the mountain foot
B) the foot of the mountain
C) the feet of the mountain
D) the mountain’s foot

5. A person who talks to .... is not necessarily mad.

A) himself
B) oneself
C) yourself
D) itself

6. I’ll be 13 tomorrow, ....?

A) am I
B) aren’t I
C) won’t I
D) will I

7. Did you hear .... Julie said?

A) what
B) that
C) that what
D) which

8. Spanish people usually speak .... than English people.

A) quicklier
B) more quicklier
C) more quickly
D) more quicker

9. That old lady can’t stop me .... the tennis match on my radio.

A) to listen
B) listening
C) listen to
D) listening to

10. I haven’t got a chair ....

A) to sit
B) for to sit on
C) to sit on
D) for sitting

11. .... at the moment, I’ll go to the shops.

A) For it doesn’t rain
B) As it doesn’t rain
C) For it isn’t raining
D) As it isn’t raining

12. Bill drinks .... whisky.

A) any
B) none
C) too many
D) so much

13. .... are very intelligent.

A) Both of them
B) Both them
C) Both they
D) The both

14. In a shop .... customers.

A) it is important pleasing
B) it is important to please
C) there is important pleasing
D) there is important to please

15. Don’t leave your shoes on the table.

A) Put off them!
B) Take them off!
C) Pick them off!
D) Pick up them!

16. .... in my class likes the teacher.

A) All persons
B) All pupils
C) Everyone
D) All people

17. We expected about 20 girls but there were .... people there.

A) another
B) others
C) some
D) more

18. Your bicycle shouldn’t be in the house!

A) Take it out!
B) Get out it!
C) Put it off!
D) Take away it!

19. What time does the bus .... Bradford?

A) go away to
B) go away for
C) leave to
D) leave for

20. She .... be Canadian because she’s got a British passport.

A) can’t
B) isn’t able to
C) mustn’t
D) doesn’t need

21. “Our daughter ....”, they said.

A) was born since three years
B) is born for three years ago
C) was born three years ago
D) has been born since three years ago

22. When .... English?

A) has he begun to study
B) has he begun study
C) did he begin to study
D) did he begin study

23. Do you want some cheese? No, ....

A) I’ve some still
B) I still have much
C) I don’t want
D) I’ve still got some

24. Brenda likes going to the theatre and ....

A) so do I
B) so go I
C) so I like
D) so I am

25. .... from London to Edinburgh!

A) How long there is
B) What a long way it is
C) What distance is there
D) How long is

26. He’s a good guitarist, but he plays the piano ....

A) quiet well
B) too hardly
C) very good
D) much better

27. When you go to the shops, bring me ....

A) a fruit tin
B) a fruits tin
C) a tin of fruit
D) a tin of fruits

28. Molly doesn’t eat fish.

A) So doesn’t John
B) Neither does John
C) John doesn’t too
D) John doesn’t that either

29. The airport is five miles ....

A) away from here
B) from here away
C) far from here
D) far away from here

30. Please ask .... and see me.

A) to Bill to come
B) Bill to come
C) to Bill come
D) Bill come

31. She always buys .... my birthday.

A) anything nice to
B) anything nice for
C) something awful to
D) something awful for

32. Aren’t they friends ....?

A) of yours
B) of you
C) to yours
D) to you

33. She hardly ever eats .... potatoes.

A) or bread or
B) bread or
C) neither bread or
D) neither bread nor

34. This is the record we ....

A) like so much
B) are liking so much
C) like it much
D) are liking it much

35. She’s going to buy .... new trousers.

A) some pair of
B) some
C) a couple of
D) this

36. Is she going to school? No, ....

A) she doesn’t
B) she’s cycling
C) she gets by bus
D) to the shops

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